Other Writings

The New Pyramid. Excerpt from The Silver Pharoah, an unpublished novel.

Linguistic Salvation. An argument against lazy speech and writing created by combining common trite phrases.

Alternative Dating Sites. Humorous names for dating sites specialized for personality quirks and obsessions.

Analyzing Spam Funnies. Humorous examination of some of the ludicrous names included in early (2005) spam messages.

EGGY 190 Inherits The Earth. Taking the names on New York City graffiti seriously, and placing them in a religious context.

Is Bush Dead? Humorous speculation based on the contradictions and hypocrisies of President George W. Bush.

Broadside. Model for a t-shirt and a broadside protesting President George W. Bush’s presidency.

Here Comes the Coffee Party. Satire written in reaction to the Tea Party’s ideology and ignorance.

The Problem of Undecided Voters. Reflections on the problem of a presidential election being decided by the votes of people who either haven’t paid attention for 2 years or can’t figure out how the difference between parties will affect their lives.

The Declaration of Resistance. Inspired by rereading the Declaration of Independence while depressed by the presidency of Donald Trump, this gathers the facts establishing his tyranny.

Faculty as Students. Free verse poem written during a School of Criticism and Theory summer institute in 1978.

Ron Citron and the Great Pigeon Feast. A remembrance of one of my oldest friends and the memorable occasion when a neighbor in Santa Barbara gave me 25 live pigeons to eat.

Ivan Eulogy. Written after the death of our bouvier.

The Queen's Handbag